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Platforms I Will Defend

Cut Fees &

Rollback the recent digital taxes and fees that now burden all Marylanders.

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Tax forms lies near roll of hundred dollar bills
Rural Character &
Quality of Life

Protect our property rights and our rural character while promoting wise growth.

Rural life

Defending against effort to infringe on ALL of our Constitutional rights.


Oppose sanctuary state policies and all legislation that favors illegals over  citizens.


No more draconian shutdowns. No jabs for jobs and no mandate for entrance.

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Constitution and American Flag
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School Choice

Promote school choice – the funding needs to follow the students to the educational environment that best suits the student, whether that’s public, private, or homeschooling. Our tax dollars need to be used for our children’s and grandchildren’s educations. We need to put a hard stop to Critical Race Theory in any form,  as well as teaching gender identity.

Health Care &
Behavioral Health

Having lost family members to both addiction and suicide, Stephen would make both mental health and healthcare for opioid dependence top priorities. The stigma attached to the disease of addiction and alcoholism must be removed. No more than any person or family wants the disease of cancer do they want the pain and suffering, and so often death, from addiction. Healthcare must be affordable and accessible.  I am for medical freedom – we are bio-individuals.


Stephen’s family has lived on and worked on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries for over 150 years. Stephen continues to own and enjoy waterfront property in Southern Maryland today. He will support common sense environmental legislation that will promote clean energy yet balance the important roles of industry and business.

Loving Parents Holding Newborn Baby At Home In Loft Apartment

Stephen is pro-life and is a firm believer in protecting the lives of the unborn. He will fight against any legislation that promotes infanticide. Our families are the foundation of our society.

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I back the blue and the blue backs me too! I will never vote to defund the police or to end qualified immunity for our State Troopers, Officers, Sheriffs, or their Deputies.

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