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2022 Primary Elections

I will be doing my civic duty on June 28. I will be voting in the primary election.  Please vote Stephen Barrett for Senate in District 4.

If you do not know where your local poll place is, you can find it here: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/PollingPlaceSearch


If you need more information you go to the Maryland State Board of Elections website.

A few FAQs:

an I vote in a party primary election?

Generally, you must be registered with either the Democratic or Republican Party to vote in the primary election. If there are non-partisan offices that are elected in a primary election (i.e., school board), any voter can vote for these offices. Contact your local board of elections.

May I change political parties?

Yes, except after the close of voter registration, until voter registration opens up again after an election.

To change your party affiliation, use Maryland’s Online Voter Registration System (OLVR) or submit a new voter registration application or a written request to your local board of elections.

Do I have to affiliate with a political party?

No, you do not. If you do not select a political party on your voter registration application, you will be “unaffiliated” with any political party. This means that you will generally not be able to vote in party primary elections, but you will be able to vote in any nonpartisan primary elections held in your jurisdiction, such as a primary election to select nominees for the board of education.

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