As a Christian, a Husband, father, grandfather & business owner for over 34 years, I can no longer sit idly by and continue to witness the demolition of our constitutional rights by the radical liberal agenda being enacted by our State legislators.


We can no longer sit and watch out of touch politicians destroy our County… and our State! Over the last several years we witnessed the radical division and failed policies erode our God-given rights and Freedoms. As a fighter and a survivor, I feel called to serve my neighbors, friends, and family in our state legislature. Please vote with your conscience and Vote for me, Stephen Barrett for Senate!

~ Stephen Barrett
What I Support
Citizens First
I oppose sanctuary state policies. I will oppose any and all legislation that favors illegal aliens over American citizens, be it education, health care or jobs. America First!
Constitutional Rights
I will work to defend against all efforts to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, as well as protect our right to free speech. I will support all constitutional rights.
Promote school choice – the funding needs to follow the students to the educational environment that best suits the student. I want to abolish divisive CRT in our schools.
Pro-Life / Pro-Family
I am pro life and a firm believer in protecting the lives of the unborn. I will fight against any legislation that promotes infanticide. Our families are the foundation of our society.
Behavioral & Health Care
I would make both mental health and healthcare for opioid dependence top priorities.  Healthcare must be affordable and accessible.  I am  for medical freedom.
Back the Blue
I back the blue and the blue backs me too!  I will never vote to defund the police or to end qualified immunity for our State Troopers, Officers, Sheriffs, or their Deputies.
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